Why heat problems occur in mobile phones and how to resolve them


One of the major disadvantages of very powerful smartphones is the heating aspect, but there are some ways to keep it under control.

Heating up on the back panel and along the edges are very common in smartphones. It may occur due to a combination of factors such as processors type, applications running at the time and multitasking level. Most smart phone manufacturers also tend to bring too many applications and unnecessary functions on a smartphone overwork phones hardware by performing activities in the background.

Followings are the most common reasons why your Smart phone getting hot

Heavy Uses

Modern smartphones can run multiple applications simultaneously. You can play an online game while listening to music and also dozens of applications running in the background. All this is made possible by a powerful SOC (CPU + GPU) and Giga byte of RAM inside the phone.

But this multitasking level will affect the battery life of your phone and the internal circuitry that the battery will have to provide all these components simultaneously. Note that every electronic component will produce a certain amount of heat when running. Thus, multiple components are used simultaneously will generate a lot of heat.

Using phone while charging

A phone can also heat up during charging for two reasons. The first reason may be that you are using the phone to an ordinary charger that was not designed for your phone model. We recommend that you use branded and certified chargers for your phone.

Some of you cannot let your phone idle even when it is charged. The process of charging itself generates a lot of heat. But when you do something on your phone when charging, will cause slower charging with more heat loss.

Too many Apps running simultaneously

We have so many applications installed on our smartphones that we forget what really needs the application in a timely manner. Therefore, you can have applications screen lock, fitness tracker, wallpaper applications with the regular applications like WhatsApp and Facebook running in the background.

These applications will not only consume a lot of RAM running in the background but will also use a lot of processor time, which creates heat.

Current settings

The current settings of your phone have an important role in deciding its battery life and how much heat it is using. So, it would be good to disable features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile data and adjust the screen brightness to the minimum level for optimal use.

It is also recommended to adjust the time limit of the screen display in 30 seconds or less to further reduce the signature of heat from your phone while improving the backup of the battery at the same time.

Poor cellular signals

Using 3G network or Calling in an area with a poor network connection not only leads to call drops but also overwork of the phone’s antenna in order to catch the signal better. This leads to a significant heating. You move in an area or part of the building where the network signal is the best or disable the mobile data on the phone for the period that you are in a weak signal zone.

ow to Stop over Heating?

Some easy methods to control overheating issues in Mobile phones are—

Uninstall the unnecessary and heavy Apps-

Lots of Battery Power is consumed by the heavy Applications, due to this load over CPU and phone starts heating. Therefore you should identify those Apps from the setting that are using lots of battery and uninstall that if not necessary.

Stop Playing Games for a Long Time-

Graphics intensive games need a lot of power to run and in this processor also increases the temperature of the phone, so if the phone starts heating quit the Game and let it be cool.

Stop overcharging the phone-

Now a day’s phone automatically terminates the power connection when they are fully charged but still, you should unplug your phone charger to prevent your phone from overheating.

Hence, the best solution to solve heating problems is to disable unused applications and some Google apps that you don’t require. Once enabled, these applications can adjust your phone settings and update the content in the background only. This puts unnecessary stress on the phone’s hardware and may be the reason for heating issues in a smartphone.

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