How to get rid of from Phone Touch Freezing/Hanging problem?


Today, most of the user of the smartphone are facing phone Freezing/Hanging problem due to lack of knowledge.

Almost every smartphone, such as Motorola, Samsung, Sony or even iPhone, after some time of use, phone get hanged, it is the worst thing but don’t worry we are here to tell you the solution of your Mobile Hanging and Freezing problem.

I will tell you:

How can you get rid of from the Phone Touch Freezing/Hanging problem and protect your valuable device?

Sometimes even a few days old smart phone gets hung up unexpectedly. As you know Mobile phones are the small version of the computer, it contains RAM, External memory, Windows and so, Different processors, different OS like Android, Symbian,  Graphics, Camera and much more…

To make you better understand about it, I want to tell you my own experience by telling you a short story of my brother.

My brother Krishan Baisla spent thirty thousand for buying a smart phone which had 32 GB internal memory and 4GB Ram. He also used External memory with his new brand phone.  But after some time his has got hanging problem.

It was so pathetic, even after spending 30k to buy a new branded phone still he was facing phone Freezing/Hanging problem. It was not the fault of the phone manufacturing company. But!

Why is it so?

It was just because of the lack of knowledge.  If you don’t have the solution of your mobile phone Hanging problem, it might create troubles for you because at present people live without a favorite food but it is very hard to live without the mobile phone even for a day.

Before we discuss the solution of the mobile phone hanging/freezing problem, let me also tell you some reasons…

Why does it happen?

Reasons which caused a mobile phone hanging/freezing problem

  • Keeping RAM full.
  • Running several applications at a time.
  • Installing applications on phone memory instead of Memory card.
  • Installing many heavy applications.
  • Running too many applications with low memory.
  • Keeping external memory (Memory card) full.
  • Using heavy themes on the phone.
  • Not deleting caches, log files and cookies.

These are the cause of your mobile phone hanging problem. Now have a look at the solutions to get rid of from phone hanging/freezing problem.

These are the tips for preventing your mobile phone from freezing/ hanging

  • Install applications & other data in memory card- if your phone internal memory is too low you need to install or send your phone app to the external memory card, because of this you can run multiple apps at the same time without any hassles and your phone will not freeze.
  • Uninstall Unnecessary Applications- unnecessary apps eat up your phone memory so better to uninstall them. Whenever you require them back you can get those applications back through the file manager.
  • Never Run Unsupported Apps- if any app seems to be unsupported by your phone like the variation in screen resolutions, running apps never run them on your phone.
  • Free up phone Memory– you need to free up your phone memory by deleting or moving songs, videos, eBooks, apps, wallpapers, images, and files which are not in use since long.
  • Never Run Heavy Apps– if your device does not host enough RAM, please don’t run heavy apps on your phone.
  • Shut down the background process- when you run heavy apps into your phone operating systems like android have inbuilt task manager through which you can close the processes which usually run in the background.
  • Install antivirus software- if your device gets infected with the virus, it would automatically slow down and the virus can also cause fatal damage to the software. Therefore better to install a smart antivirus for the protection of your device.
  • Don’t Run Multiple Tabs- While surfing internet does not run multiple tabs or perform multiple tasks because it would slow down the processor and consumes a lot of your phone RAM.
  • Switch off and Remove Battery- if your phone got hanged it would be a nice idea to remove your phone battery for a while. This tip may not have a big effect in all cases. But removing battery and SIM will also give you a chance to clean the dust from the electric touch points of your device.
  • Delete Unnecessary Data – Photos, videos and audio take up most of the space the phone of an average smartphone user. It is one of the common reasons why your phone hangs. First of all, you take backup of your phone data on your computer or pen drive and then delete it from your phone.
  • Identify Resource Hogging Apps- Firstly, you can check how much memory each of your phone apps is using. You will see some apps use much more memory than other apps. Mostly, Games apps use most of the memory among the other apps. In that case, you may try a lighter alternative to an app and clear your phone memory.
  • Use Factory Reset Option- If any tip doesn’t work out and phone stills hang, you can choose the last option which is, reset your mobile phone back to factory settings. Make sure using this option will remove everything from your mobile phone’s internal memory. Meanwhile, this option will make your phone smooth and make you feel as like you are using a new phone.


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