Here are some common issues in phone and tips to recover from them


The smartphone is indeed the best pal at hand we can carry and share our thoughts on. But it can be a bit cranky sometimes to find resilient problems that we don’t want in our gadget. Here we elucidate them below.

Battery drainage

Continuous battery discharge is marked by frustration and a smartphone requires a lot of operations to go every second even when a phone is not in use. Unwanted programs require check and downloading updates also could be one of the reasons for battery depletion. So we recommend downgrading the device to an older Android version. One can search about “downgrade [your phone name]” on a relevant site as an option. If this one fails, then it is okay to get a factor reset done off the device. Well, the last measure always remain to flash its memory, however, it is a complicated procedure and requires expert help.

Google Play Services battery drain

Multiple software also downgrade the battery. Applications like Google Play Services also consume a lot of battery. Since this is an important Android feature because it lets your apps communicate with each other on the phone, there are ways to control its power consumption.

Full-screen brightness depletes power quickly. Therefore it is always desirable to switch off auto brightness although it could require a bit of studying before adjustment. Well enough, we can just set that according to our minimum required viewpoint. Surely, this will elongate better battery life.Now hopefully, most modern phones come up with additional settings to adjust brightness levels, we can browse the quick-settings menu and set that up!

Come on, guys! We don’t peek through the phone till it shuts its display? We know our phone is slow to screen timeout that is sufficient enough to drain the battery so it becomes very vital to control this behavior. We can shorten up the idle screen sleep to close display after its engagement because the idle time uses continuous battery unless it sleeps completely. Therefore, it is necessary to set the screen timeout to the lowest value of one’s own comfort and change when needed.
Following a free download from Google Play, everyone is a game freak! Live games are free to play on a 4G network. The gaming environment is definitely addicting due to its rustic competition and vibrant 3D displays on a smartphone. However, these games extract the extensive amount of energy through visuals, sound effects and frequent memory use that they deplete the battery in a matter of minutes. Same goes with E-books or the like. So avoidance of these graphics hungry software is only required!

Myriad online freeware has covered our smartphones whether be it any unwanted download. Too many free-wares or a widget is simple enough to drain power as it extracts all by frequently refreshing itself to updates. It kills battery silently while you are on the move, so try setting the refresh interval too long hours instead of minutes. Avoid downloading or updating the software it should be done carefully after studying its drawbacks.

Delay in receiving or sending the text is definitely a problem. We can also send a message to our own phone number to check when we receive it. If still not worthy, proceed to troubleshoot. Sending a message to another mobile phone number could work! Uninstall any recent downloads and remove a messaging app or useless updates from there. A soft reset on your phone will also cut all power from your phone for 10 seconds. Preferably, the battery can be removed for the same interval and reinserted. Then after reinstalling the battery back, switch on the mobile for a fix. We can even pull the battery whilst the phone is on but not plugged can temporarily fix many issues. Regular cleaning of unwanted texts does save the day. Clean up the inbox too. Still a problem? Then go for hard reset also known as a Factory Data Reset. This will clear everything from the mobile phone including a virus or a glitch. We’ll have to reinstall everything then. No more issues should continue thereafter as the phone becomes like a new machine.

IR-based proximity sensors in a mobile detect the presence of a human ear and turn off the LCD backlight to lessen power usage and disable the touch screen to avoid accidental touch by the cheek while talking. The problem comes when the backlight glows continuously or the touchscreen doesn’t dim at all. However, in this problem, we can go for calibration to fix any problem relating to sensor issues by just opening up the phone and performing a thorough cleanup using liquids that are specifically available in the market. Can sprays also eradicate filth from the set or air blow technique into the headphone jack. After disassembling the phone, the front sensor window needs a blow of air, tap the sensor lightly. Test in the *#0*# test screen. Another way around, one can go in for calibration of the sensor, but that requires more technical knowledge and instruments like rulers and meter sticks, temperature sensors and accelerometers. A Q-tip or soft cloth can be used manually for cleaning.

Charging issue is erratic possibly as the mobile battery isn’t performing even if the charging icon is showing up but the battery is not charging. To start with, one can just wipe out the pin of the charger with the cloth. Charging voltage is set from 5 to 7 Volts. Still, if the problem is not solved, then check the battery. Change it if swollen. One can use a Multimeter to check Voltage of connections to the battery that shows the voltage of 1.5 to 3.7 DC Volts. No current in the charging pin means to check track of the charging section. We can go through the diagram of the particular model on Internet. Further checking small components like fuse, coil and regulator can be changed by a technical person. If the problem is still not solved then,the charging IC needs change. However, a bit of knowledge would save the day. If even then not good enough, then change the Power IC. Once done and not charging sign, change the battery for surety. Not solved? Then one can always remove the charging regulator and change the R22. For false charging, use a 3.6 Volt diode for direct charging. Sometimes it does happen that removing the two capacitors above the Battery Connector also eradicate this problem. Final option is changing the charging IC.

Low speaker volume could be a glitch. One can wipe the speaker mesh with soft cloth gently to and fro without extra pressure on it. If still problematic, go to Google play, and install “Ex File Explorer”. On “menu” then navigate to “Root Explorer” and turn it on. Now, as a new window pops up, tap on “Mount R/W”. A radio button displays that says “RW”, select it. Make the selection to R/W to edit the sound file and change the volume settings, Ultimately, go to location /device/etc./sound/t03g. Tap the file and open it as “text” select “ES Note Editor” and edit values in in the lines of the file. We scroll down to to change value of speaker, go to Change the value from “57” to “63.” Scrolling down a bit further, locate this line now locate this line and the value of 62 seems fine. After these steps, save the t03g file, go to the es explorer/ root explorer settings and change back the values in Mount R/W to “RO” for both path and system. Hopefully, this will resolve the volume problem.

Smartphones are handy but fragile. They need a durable case and a screen protector to help them from damage. Additionally, insurance for your device is a benefit. Common-sense always plays the protective measure to minimize harm, however.
To protect your phone, know its location and the hazards lurking nearby. Put it away from a kid or pet. Don’t place it on any moving or vibrating things. Forgetting it on the car roof will definitely kill it. Taking a selfie on the waterfalls is also bothering just like putting it on a wet vanity to dropping it in the toilet or just bending down on the campfire will invite disaster. Avoid pocketing it in the backside. Tight pockets can make its screen scratch. Check clothes before the phone ends up in the laundry machine. For protection, buy a good screen protector and preferably a phone jacket also. These cases come in various styles and thicknesses and can fairly give protection from a drop or exposure to weather. For extra surety, one can go in for phone insurance so that theft cannot make a big hole in your pocket. There are mobile protection plans to give full security cover for damage or stealth and post-warranty defects.
In these ways, we can protect our gadget and also extend the expectancy of our favorite mobile in due course of time.

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